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Well-Rounded Education 

Balanced, rigorous academics is the focus at Pioneer Elementary, an ESL magnet school. Children immerse themselves in reading, writing, math, science and all lessons through one-on-one learning and teamwork. Rotating specials include art, PE, and music, and interventions are provided for talented and gifted and significant support needs. 

Interactive and Energetic 

Much of the learning taking place at Pioneer Elementary happens beyond a desk. Science fairs, dioramas, clubs and enrichment experiences spark discovery, problem-solving and passion. Students in second through fifth grade develop presentation, research and technical skills through an annual creative project.  

Character Calendar 

Pioneer is a Positive Behavior Intervention Support School that celebrates children who demonstrate traits such as respect and courage. New traits are chosen each month and focused on inside and outside classrooms. Lessons are tied into academic subjects, such as literature, as staff model behaviors and counselors teach Mindful Moments. 

Assessment and Testing 

​Pioneer teachers use informal observation, teacher-made tests and a variety of analysis, including state standards testing, to identify what students know and what they need to learn next. Benchmark tests are administered three times yearly to gauge reading, writing, and math. 

Progressive with Purpose 

Technology comes with intention at Pioneer Elementary. Devices and digital resources are used to support students and integrated with teaching to enhance learners. Using a provided device, children flow in and out of technology platforms, which complement a large school library that sees heavy use.  

Core Curriculum

The tools and philosophies we use to ensure the best education for your student. More about our curriculum.

Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)

MTSS is a framework to give targeted academic and behavioral support to struggling students. The team analyzes data and monitors progress of interventions in place, making adjustments when necessary. This team can include teachers, specialists, administrators, parents, and students. More about MTSS.

We are a Title 1 School

Title 1 Funding helps to provide schools with higher percentages of children from lower income families with funds to help ensure that these students are receiving the same quality education as all students, helping them to meet challenging state academic standards. Title 1 funding details.

Significant Support Needs (SSN)

We offer Significant Support Needs Programs (SSN) to serve students who have cognitive disabilities, and may have developmental, physical or orthopedic disabilities, Traumatic Brain Injury or multiple disabilities.

Assessment and Testing

Assessment of students’ skills is a critical part of the teaching-learning cycle at Pioneer. Teachers use informal observation, teacher-made tests and a variety of formal tests to identify what students know and what they need to learn next. Benchmark tests are administered three times yearly to ensure that students are on track to achieve end of year goals in reading, writing, and math. More about Assessment & Testing