Pioneer Celebrates Character Traits!
Pioneer celebrates 13 character traits.  Each month has a character trait focus, and students are encouraged to do their best to be an example of that trait.  Following is a month-by-month list of Pioneer's Character Traits.  We encourage you to celebrate Pioneer's Character Traits at home with your kiddos, too.   
August/September - Green Hearts - Respect and Responsibility
October - Red Hearts - Courage
November -Orange Hearts - Loyalty 
December/January - Yellow Hearts - Justice and Citizenship
February - Blue Hearts - Hope
March - Purple Hearts - Loyalty and Integrity
April - White Hearts - Love and Cmpassion
May - Pink Hearts - Excellence and Perseverance

Welcome to Mrs. Manzo's website!  I am thrilled to be Pioneer's School Counselor.  Please feel free to contact me at 719-234-5026 or I'd love to hear from you.  This year I have a counseling intern, Mr. Smith!  He will be with us part-time for the entire school year.  Mr. Smith will be running groups, teaching guidance lessons, and filling in where needed.   You can contact him at

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Groups are Coming!

​Groups have formed, but we are open groups so anyone can join at anytime! Please let me know if you believe your student may benefit from one of the following groups:

  • Family Changes
  • Friendship
  • Resiliency/Coping
  • Impulse Control
  • Anger Management
  • Boys Group
Groups meet once every other week during the grade level's lunch and recess time, Groups usually consist of 5-7 students. Group participants are nominated by their parents and teachers, and parents must give their student permission to participate.
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August and September's Character Traits are...


At Pioneer, we are learning that RESPECT means following school rules, appreciating and honoring differences​, being courteous and using our manners, and most importantly treating others how we would like to be treated.

RESPONSIBILITY means we can be trusted to do as we say, being dependable, keeping our promises and honoring our commitments.  It is accepting the consequeinces for what we say and do.

Kerry Regan Manzo9/6/2016 1:49 PM
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