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​Science and Social Studies

1. Click on link to Readworks.org (blue)

2. Read the nonfiction article, "Some Laws Are Intolerable" After reading review the vocabulary and complete the question set. There are 7 multiple choice questions and 3 written response questions. Please SUBMIT your answers when you are done. If you get less than 80%, I will resubmit the assignment so you can go back and fix. Remember the written responses must be in complete sentences.

3. Read the article sets titled, "Unrest in the American Colonies." There are SEVEN articles. You MUST read all seven articles and WRITE in the book of knowledge. In the book of knowledge for EACH article write one inference (thing you learned) with one piece of text evidence to support your learning (direct quote from article). You can work on this all week. Read one or two articles and respond after every article. I will be checking your responses and emailing you suggestions for the next article.

4. When you have finished both these reading assignments, POST a comment under this assignment in Schoology. Look back frequently to see comments added.

Writing assignment is in Google Classroom 
.######@student.asd20.org (Super secret password)

1. Login to Google Classroom.

2. In Google Classroom click on the assignment titled, "Colonial Figure Research Graphic Organizer"

3. Open the document and complete the assignment, then TURN IN on Google Classroom

4. Check back into your Google Classroom throughout the week for comments from your teacher, so you can edit.

5. Post a comment at the end of this Schoology (Work Habits Writing assignment) when you are done.

Go to Schoology (Work Habits, Math Assignment)

1. Begin by watching the Khan Academy video sequence beginning with the video titiled, "Mutliplying 2 fractions 5/6 x 2/3". The video is linked below.

2. Following the video is one set of practice problems. Complete these, and if needed, rewatch the video for help.

3. Next, watch the next 2 videos titled, "Finding Area with Fractional Sides 1" and "Finding Area with Fractional Sides 2". The videos follow right after the practice problems.

4. Then, complete the next 2 sets of practice problems on Khan Academy.

**Mrs. Hickox created two video lessons which are linked below, and you may watch these for additional help/practice.  (some of the Schoology Assessment questions are similar to what you will see in these videos)

** You CANNOT access the Schoology practice question nor the Schoology assessment until you have posted a comment below.

Social Studies

Go to Schoology, (Work habits)

1.Watch the "Liberty Kids" Episode 1. CLICK on the link in this assignment.

2. Type three things you learned from the video at the bottom of this assignment where it says post. 

3. Respond to one other person who has typed their learning. Your response must be positive and relevant to the learning. Try to respond to someone who does not  have at least one response from a classmate.


Go to Schoology (Work Habits, Science Assignment)

1. Watch the video regarding animal adaptations in Discovery Eduation.  (Animals Around Us: Animal Adaptations: What are They?) The link is UNDER this assignment with an organge square icon.

2. Login to Google Classroom to click on the "Animals Around Us" assignment. Don't forget to TURN IN when you have completed. It will be returned to you with comments and a grade.

3. Create a comment below here in Schoology, (Work habits, science assignment) letting your teacher know when you have completed the assignment.

4. Remember to look for comments regarding your work from your teacher in Google Classroom and in Schoology.

​Continue the Assignments above
​Continue the Assignments above
5. Watch the videos before the Wednesday 9:00 a.m. class conference so you can ask questions.

6. Post a comment below when you have completed the steps above. This will give you access to the Schoology practice questions AND Friday's assessment.

7. Then, attempt the "PRACTICE: Multiplying Fractions in Story Problems" on Schoology found on the "eLearning week of April 6th" materials page.  Look for the blue puzzle piece icon.
​Finish Assignment above and assignments in Reading.
Continue the Assignments above
​Continue the Assignments above
​Work on any assignments for Wednesday

Finish Assignment above and assignments in Reading
​Finish all the Assignments above
​Finish the Assignments above
​8. On Friday, take the Schoology math assessment titled, "Assessment: Multiplying Fractions in Story Problems" found on the "eLearning week of April 6th" materials page.  Look for the blue puzzle piece icon.
Finish Assignment above and assignments in Reading

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