​Weather Related Information

Snow Days/Inclement Weather: Academy District 20 will make a decision by 5:30 AM about closing school. You will be notified by 20Alert via email about closures, delays, and early releases. If school is canceled due to weather, all school events will also be canceled INCLUDING Imagination in Education Before and After School Program.

Two Hour Delayed Start: If adverse weather conditions appear to be developing during the 5:30 AM decision time, the Superintendent may delay the start of school for two hours. Local TV and radio stations will be informed by 5:30 AM that the starting time for all Academy District 20 schools will be delayed for two hours. School will begin at 10:15 AM and morning kindergarten students attend from 10:15-11:20 AM. Breakfast will not be served. Bus pick up will be delayed two hours.

Early Release: If school is in session when a storm develops during the day, a decision may be made by 10:30 AM to send students home early. School will be dismissed approximately two hours early and bus drivers will make their regular runs in the usual sequence. Local TV and radio stations will broadcast early dismissals. Please make prior arrangements for your child’s care if you will not be home. Students will be released at any time to parents who believe the weather conditions warrant that their child be taken home. 

Colder Weather/Warmer Clothes

Weather conditions should determine a child's wearing apparel because children spend a part of each day outside playing. ALL students will be expected to go outside for daily recess unless the temperature drops below 20 degrees Fahrenheit (including wind chill). Students will be expected to wait outside before the 8:09 am bell each morning and should dress for the cold weather.