​Visit or Volunteer

We strongly encourage parents and community members to visit or volunteer at Pioneer Elementary. All visitors and volunteers MUST sign in at the office and will receive a visitor or volunteer badge. Student safety and security are our number one concern. All parents and non-parents are required by Academy District 20 to have a background check through District 20 to volunteer. Check with the office for more details. Parents with non-school aged children are asked to make other arrangements for their child/ren when volunteering in the classroom or the teacher workroom.

When visiting or volunteering in the school, please park in the school parking lot in the front or the west bus lot. Parking on a side street is also an option. The bus lot on the west side of the building is off limits for parking from 7:45-8:35 and 2:45-3:30 and any time along the curb areas. Violators may be ticketed.

The School Accountability Committee is a group of parents, staff and community members who meet monthly and provide important input and feedback to the principal about school goals and school policies. We always welcome any parent who desires to serve on our SAC. Please call the school office to get more information. One or two members of Pioneer’s SAC also serve on the District Accountability Committee (DAC).

We believe that children benefit when parents are involved in school activities. The PTO brings together the talents of parents and teachers to create a positive and supportive learning environment. Activities include helping with fund raising events, volunteering in classrooms, providing enrichment activities, and providing additional materials and supplies for the school. All parents are encouraged to join the PTO and support its many worthwhile activities.