Toys and Electronic Devices

Items having a value for one usually have an attractive appeal for others. Therefore, personal items, not directly related to student learning, should not be brought to school. These items include, but are not limited to: electronic or battery operated items, sentimental keepsakes, toys, skateboards, in-line skate, any sports equipment, any items looking like a weapon, etc. Students may not bring toys or sports equipment to school unless a teacher asks students to bring a particular object for the purpose of sharing on a special day or for a classroom project. When items are brought in for a special day or a special project, teachers will provide specific instructions/expectations regarding the use and storage of these items. The school is not responsible for ANY personal items brought to school which become lost or stolen.

Devices for Student Learning
A personal electronic device (PED) may include an e-reader (like Kindle Fire), smart phone, iPad, iPod, tablet, laptop or netbook. The opportunity to use a PED at school is a privilege. Pioneer requires parent permission before a device can be brought and used at school.