Playground Rules

1. Boundaries - Students are to stay within eyesight of the adults in charge at recess. Students must ask permission to leave the recess area/playground. All games are to be played in appropriate areas; sports games must be played on the field or basketball court.

2. Behavior - Play fairly, friendly, and for fun. In order to play a sport or competitive game, students must get permission from an adult first, and the adult will supervise the game. Any unsportsmanlike behavior will require the student to sit out or leave the game.

3. Clothing - Adults will determine if a student is dressed appropriately to participate in recess. A student wearing flip flops may not participate in sports games.

4. Play Structures - Use the equipment one at a time only. All equipment must be used the way it was intended.
 Slides - Go up the ladders, go down the slides. Slide down on your bottom first, exit the area quickly for the next student.
DO NOT stand on the slide.
 Monkey Bars - DO NOT sit on top, DO NOT jump off, no “chicken fights”.
 Dome - Climb only on the dome, do not push or pull other climbers.
 Swings - Swing straight on your bottom only. Do not twist swings or jump off. Only one student on the swing at a time. Students may count “toes-up” to free up swings. (Number of counts depends on grade levels) (100)

5. Games and Play - Only appropriate equipment provided by adults may be used at recess. NO CHASING or TAG on or around the playground or equipment. Take turns. No ball hogging.
 Soccer - No hands except for goalie. Only one goalie per team can be used. When the ball goes out of bounds, it is thrown back into the center of the field.
 Football - Players must play two hand touch only. No tackling, shoving or tripping.
 Basketball - Play on the basketball court. No stealing the ball out of an opponent’s hands or stealing the dribble. No travelling or double dribbling. Adults must make the call on free throws/fouls.