Parties, Birthdays, and Classroom Snacks

In order to maintain a safe learning environment for all of our students at Pioneer including those with life threatening allergies, we have some restrictions on when and where nut products can be served. Students may only have peanut products at lunch because students with peanut allergies sit with friends at a peanut-free table. All students in a nut protected classroom clean their hands before returning to class after eating snacks or lunch.

Classroom Snacks
Pioneer restricts products containing nuts in the classroom for snacks. No food containing nuts or processed in a plant containing nuts will be allowed in the classroom. There may be children with life-threatening food allergies in your classroom, so it’s important to read the labels and check with your child’s teacher(s) to make sure snack foods are safe for all children in the classroom. Thank you for your cooperation with our efforts to keep all our children safe at school.

Holiday Parties
Classroom parties help kids relax and socialize. Most of the time allocated for a seasonal party will be used to play games and make crafts. Pioneer has three parties each year which include fall, winter and Valentines’ Day. Students in Kindergarten-4th grade will be asked to contribute $2.00 to each party or a total of $6.00 per year. Students in Grade 5 are asked to contribute additional funds to cover the End of Year party and Continuation Ceremony. The classrooms teachers will supply a healthy snack and drink for each party. No food or drink treats will be purchased or supplied by families. Parents with students who have severe allergies will be consulted to ensure student safety.

In order to promote health and ensure consistency at Pioneer, no outside food or drink items will be served as birthday treats. No exceptions. Instead, students will be recognized during morning announcements and invited to select a special item from the Principal. Also, no food or drink items will be sent home as birthday treats.