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Third Running Club (See notes for details)



Start Time

2/2/2021 3:15 PM

End Time

2/2/2021 4:00 PM


When: 3rd grade will meet live January 19-February 5, then you can participate virtually by keeping the running going on your own in the PE Central LogIT program. Afterschool sessions are 3:15-4:00pm; Meet Mrs. Miller on the BLACKTOP after your class is released Mrs. Warnick’s Cohort: Tuesdays only; Mrs. Shaha’s Cohort: Wednesdays ONLY; Mrs. Earnest’s cohort: Thursdays ONLY How: All IN-PERSON sessions will be held entirely OUTSIDE. Students should be dressed appropriately and be prepared to be outside after school. In the event of bad weather, the session will be canceled and parents will be notified no later than 2pm that day. There is not an opportunity to reschedule. Students will have an alternative workout posted to their Schoology Running Club group. At in-person sessions, students are expected to follow all COVID-related safety guidelines as established by the school, and students should arrive prepared for a PE-like experience. VIRTUAL sessions will follow the in-person sessions, and students will participate independently through the Schoology Running club group platform. Students will be able to track their mileage and distance through the PE Central Log It Platform as well. You can view a preview of the Log It system by visiting this website: http://www.peclogit.org/logit.asp Optional: Student fees from PE Sports Clubs go toward PE replenishment equipment. In a typical year, we generally charge $5 per sport per student to help maintain the equipment in the PE program. This year is a very different year, and participation in this Running Club is FREE. However, if you would like to donate $5 to the PE department, Mrs. Miller would appreciate the support tremendously.

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Every 1 week(s) on: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday




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