See below for teacher email addresses.  Click on a team site to visit web pages.

 Classroom Teachers​

Kindergarten​ Team Site Email Ms. Butler
Email Mrs. Love
Email Mrs. Suarez
First Grade Team Site Email Mrs. Anderson
Email Mrs. Haase
Email Mrs. Smith
Second Grade Team Site Email Mrs. Barber
​​Email Ms. Singmaster
Email Mrs. West
​Third Grade Team Site Email Ms. Pecora
Email Mrs. Shaha
Email Mrs. Scruggs
​Fourth Grade Team Site Email Mr. Bell
Email Ms. Erickson
Email Ms. Fernengel
Fifth Grade Team Site Email Mrs. Hickox  Email Mrs. Saroyan
Email Ms. Smith

 Specials Teachers

Email Mrs. Anizell
Librarian Email Mrs. Kovac
Music Teacher  Email Mr. McCall
PE Teacher  Email Mrs. Miller
Spanish Teacher  Email Mrs. Garcia
Technology Teacher  Email Mrs. McRae

Support Programs

​Pioneer's Community Programs
​Learn more about Pioneer's Community Programs:
Corinne Gorsch's website
Email Mrs. Gorsch
​Academic Support Teacher Math
​Learn more about Academic Math Support :
Mary Palmen's Website
Email Mrs. Palmen
​CounselorLearn more Pioneer's counseling program:
Kerry Manzo's Website
Email Mrs. Manzo
​Reading Program
​Learn more about Pioneer's reading programs:
Reading Team's Website
Email Mrs. Puckett
Email Mrs. Baker
Email Mrs. Lightfoot
Email Ms. Bonner
Email Mrs. Hollingsworth
Email Mrs. Morris
​Special Education Resource Program
​Learn more about Pioneer's Resource program
Resource Team's Website
Email Mrs. Hughes
Email Mr. Dalton
Email Ms. Chroneos
Email Mrs. McCullum
Email Mrs. Olson
​English as a Second Language Program
​Learn more about Pioneer's ESL's program
ESL website
Email Ms. Wagner
Email Mrs. Christopherson
​Talented and Gifted Program
​Learn more about Pioneer's Talented and Gifted Program
Jennifer Johnson's website
Email Mrs. Johnson
Heather Kuettner's website
Email Mrs. Kuettner